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The scheduled replacement of the welding centre’s air extraction units presented an opportunity to implement OCTÉ Industry’s approach to Quality, Safety and Environment.

With the support of CARSAT Centre Val de Loire, we opted for air extraction units which comply with IRNS standards on welding and ventilation, in order to ensure the best working conditions for our team.

FlexMax equipment by PLYMOVENT feature two arms with a range of 8 metres and two arms with a 6-metre range. An interchangeable 1-metre long hood ensures maximum fume capture.

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Regarding air filtration, OCTÉ Industry applies the recommendations in ISO 14001, as well as France’s DREAL standards, for full filtration and extraction outdoors.

To address the local impact, and noise pollution in particular, OCTÉ Industry has also invested in fitting PLYMOVENT silencers onto all air outlets, thereby reducing noise levels well below the permitted 50 dB.

This comprehensive project demonstrates OCTÉ Industry’s commitment to making investments that address the needs of everyone.