Afaq_ISO 9001_ISO 140001

ISO 9001 – Quality management system

ISO-9001:2015 is a standard that reduces production costs, improves purchasing practices, cares about employee well-being and also listens and responds to external stakeholders.Renewed every 3 years by AFAQ

Afaq_ISO 9001_ISO 140001

ISO 14001 – Environmental management system

Continuous improvement of environmental performance through the control of impacts related to company activity. The company is doubly committed to continuous improvement and regulatory compliance.Renewed every 3 years by AFAQ.

2023-OCTÉ-Certification Annexe VII Tracabilité composants de sécurité et XI ascenseur complet

Annex VII – Managing the traceability of safety components

Certificate for safety components: safety gear; over-speed governor; selection sensor, controller, UCM movement.Renewed every 3 years by EQS

Annex XI – Full certification of lifts

Design, manufacture, assembly, installation, final inspection. Renewed every 3 years by EQS.

European Elevator Association

The main purpose of the Association is to make the built environment totally accessible, by promoting the quality and safety of equipment and services related to lifts, freight elevators, escalators, passenger conveyors and associated systems that are manufactured, installed or maintained in the enlarged European Union (EU) and in the European Free Trade Area (EFTA).

Fédération des Ascenseurs member

The Fédération des Ascenseurs is France’s professional organisation representing stakeholders in vertical mobility, and it numbers more than 170 companies.