Company history

Since 1962, OCTÉ‘s history has been forged by its teams whose shared values have taken the company forwards. Geneviève and Jacques Barrière followed by Béatrice and Pierre-Guy Terryn, are today succeeded by Caroline Sansone and Olivier Terryn who carry on their passion for elevators and entrepreneurial spirit.

From SIMINOR to OCTÉ, the company has always been able to move forward, adapting to human and technological evolutions.
In recent years, OCTÉ has been fortunate to join forces with OCTÉ Lift in the Czech Republic, OCTÉ Electric Spain, OCTÉ Industry, and OCTÉ Electric Czech in the Czech Republic, getting to know their amazing teams.

Dates in ascending order
Dates in descending order
Distribution of lift components in France.

Design office for the construction of special elevators.

Electronics Design Office.

Sheet metal fabrication and ironworking for lifts.

First locking controller for a lift to feature a microprocessor.

Complete collective controller for a lift with a microprocessor.

Parametric car frame with integrated safety gear system.

Control cabinet featuring a programming interface.

Quality management system to continuously improve customer satisfaction and provide compliant products and services.

OCTÉ became 100% focused on lift operations.

Kits designed to comply with SAE legislation (Safety of Existing Lifts) law on lift safety in France.

Facility featuring a 4-storey lift, safety gear testing zone and test bench area.

Controller with dedicated frequency inversion built-in for modernisation projects.

Sheet metal fabrication and ironworking unit that would become OCTÉ Industry.

Managing the traceability of safety components. Ultimately replaced by Annex VII.

Optronic detection sensor with safety level SIL2.

Our buying agency in China opened.

Validation of OCTÉ’s know-how and lift design capability. Ultimately to be replaced by Annex XI.

Business expansion in Central Europe.

Manufacture of customised wiring harnesses, later known as OCTÉ Electric Spain.

Corporate environmental approach and product eco-design.

Controller with built-in touchscreen.

Electronics design office for lifts.

Subcontracted assembly of electrical components, later known as OCTÉ Electric Czech.

Optronic detection sensor without a limit switch, safety level SIL3.