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Welcome to our interview series where we explore the perspectives of OCTÉ Lift professionals. Today, we are pleased to share a discussion with Geoffroy BOILEAU, who provides insight into his experience in the elevator sector and his role at OCTÉ Lift.

Can you introduce yourself?

OCTÉ Lift Geoffroy Boileau

To briefly introduce my academic background, I started with a technological high school diploma specialized in technological innovation and eco-design, followed by a two-year preparatory course for engineering schools. I then earned a University Diploma of Technology in Mechanical and Production in Lyon (France). Subsequently, I joined an engineering school in Annecy, specializing in Mechanics and Production Engineering where I took an alternated training working part-time at LBL Brenta. Within the Research and Development department of this company, I was involved in designing new machines, from monitoring the functional specifications to the final product realization. Eager to experience an international professional environment and discover new cultures, I chose a V.I.E (Volontariat International en Entreprise) contract, which allows French companies to send young employees abroad for a flexible period of 6 to 24 months. As part of this program, in January 2023, I joined OCTÉ Lift as a Business Developer for Europe. After three months of intensive training, I moved to Stockholm in early April 2023 to take up this position, focusing on the Scandinavian market.

Can you tell us about OCTÉ Lift?

OCTÉ Lift, a member of the OCTÉ group, has played a significant role in the elevator field in France for over 60 years. Our expertise ranges from being a component distributor to an elevator designer, always with a focus on safety and efficiency. We value human aspects, environmental respect, and support for local European production. Our team of about 50 people is committed to providing solutions tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

Can you describe your role?

OCTÉ Lift partenaire Hissteknik

As a Business Developer in charge of the Scandinavian sector at OCTÉ Lift, my role is centered on market data analysis, prospecting new business opportunities, and daily customer satisfaction, from order to after-sales. In this role, I regularly organize business reviews with clients to ensure that their needs are fully understood and met. I enjoy connecting with my clients and contributing to OCTÉ Lift’s expansion into the European market. I also appreciate prospecting as it allows me to meet new prospects from different Scandinavian countries, each with their own stories and cultures. The missions I have undertaken so far have been very rewarding, for example, I participated in the sale and follow-up of 9 BLOCKMOD (machineroomless elevator modernization) with our historic partner in the Gothenburg region. I even had the opportunity to participate in the assembly of one of these devices in Gothenburg, which strengthened my relationship with this client and my field knowledge.

Can you talk about life in Sweden after a year?

Stockholm Suède OCTÉ Lift

A year after my arrival in Sweden, the adventure continues to be incredibly enriching. This experience has not only allowed me to immerse myself in a different professional culture but also to adapt to a completely new lifestyle.

Stockholm has proven to be a dynamic city, offering a perfect balance between professional and personal life. I have been able to explore breathtaking landscapes and unique natural spaces in Sweden, which has brought me great peace of mind and a deep appreciation for the local environment.

Professionally, working here has enabled me to develop new skills and deepen my understanding of the Scandinavian market. The interactions with my Swedish colleagues and clients have been very educational.

The warm welcome from the Swedes facilitated my integration. Although initially, I felt some reserve in interactions, over time, I’ve built strong connections in both the professional realm and everyday life. Learning a few phrases in Swedish and showing interest in their culture has greatly helped to break the ice.

One of the greatest satisfactions has been seeing the fruits of my labor. The growth of OCTÉ Lift in the Scandinavian region, thanks to the relationships I’ve established and the projects carried out, has been a great source of pride for me. In summary, this year in Sweden has been a period of incredible personal and professional growth. I am grateful for this unique opportunity and excited to see what the future holds for both myself and OCTÉ Lift in this beautiful region.

Can you describe life at OCTÉ Lift?

I work in a coworking space in Stockholm, where I genuinely enjoy the Swedish daily lifestyle. I find great satisfaction in my role as a business developer, especially during large modernization projects. The aspects of corporate culture that motivate me the most are OCTÉ Lift’s commitment to professional development, recognition, diversity, and inclusion. I feel heard and recognized, which allows me to create my own work environment and organize my days around my clients.

OCTÉ Lift co working

Can you share your vision of the elevator industry?

The elevator industry is evolving with the advent of Industry 4.0. “Connectivity” of devices and predictive maintenance, like that offered by VERSO Connect, are crucial aspects. I know that OCTÉ Lift has integrated these challenges into its constant search for innovation and its ability to quickly adapt to new technologies. Personally, I am determined to promote topics of modernization and digitalization through products such as BLOCKMOD and VERSO Connect, in order to contribute to OCTÉ Lift’s evolution on the European stage and to provide the same impact it has in France.

Verso_Connect_OCTÉ Lift

What message would you like to convey about OCTÉ Lift and its services?

OCTÉ Lift provides quality elevator solutions that precisely meet client needs. The size of the company allows us to be flexible and respond quickly to requests. We work hand in hand with globally known suppliers. We strongly encourage you to discover our services through a pilot project for prospects who wish to explore the world of OCTÉ Lift. Do not hesitate to share your specific needs with us so that we can develop solutions tailored to your expectations. We look forward to working together and facing new challenges with you. Let’s do it!

We thank Geoffroy for sharing his valuable experiences and perspectives at OCTÉ Lift. A big thank you also to you, our readers, for your continued interest and support.

Residents of the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland) can contact Geoffroy directly with any questions about our product range and service:

OCTÉ Lift Geoffroy Boileau

Geoffroy BOILEAU

+46 7 296 780 79


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