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OCTÉ Lift Discover Mathieu Fievet

Welcome to our interview series where we explore the perspectives of OCTÉ Lift professionals. Today we have the pleasure of sharing a discussion with Mathieu FIEVET, who offers us an insight into his experience in the elevator industry and his role at OCTÉ Lift.


I am Mathieu FIEVET, and I have been in the elevator business since the start of my career (14 years ago) spent entirely at OCTÉ. I started as Sales Administration Manager for major accounts and OEM customers in our offices in Asnières-sur-Seine. After 2 years, I moved to the role of Business Development Manager for the North and Benelux, which I held for 4 years (in parallel with my first role), before taking charge of major corporate accounts, which I have been using for 10 years. At the same time, I have held the position of Sales Manager for France since 2018. Before joining OCTÉ Lift, I was a work-study student at Icam in Lille, where I obtained my engineering degree. As part of the work-study program, I worked in a methods and industrialization office in the automotive sector (with a subcontractor).


In my current role at OCTÉ Lift, I am Sales Manager for France and key accounts. This includes managing a customer portfolio to stay connected to the field, as well as managing a team of four sales people and two sales assistants. My contribution to the success of the company is based on sharing with my team a sense of customer service, emphasizing responsiveness, availability, and support.

We strive to respond precisely to customer needs with solutions adapted in terms of technique, price, and deadlines, while involving other services in cross-functional projects for a better understanding of field requirements. What I particularly appreciate about my job is the richness of human relationships, the variety of activities, and the constant learning.

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OCTÉ Lift Made-in-France

Working at OCTÉ Lift is like being part of a big family, a reality that resonates deeply in my mind me when I say: “It’s my second family.” Our company stands out not only for its warm atmosphere but also for a remarkable ability to innovate and dynamically adapt to changes, a crucial aspect that allows us to stay at the forefront. OCTÉ Lift’s values, such as humanity, ecology, and commitment to “Made in France” or in Europe, are deeply anchored in our daily lives, promoting sustainable quality and a positive ecological impact. The proximity and team spirit among employees are particularly motivating.

A memorable project for me involved the creation of an innovative electrical solution, requiring close collaboration between multiple departments to turn an idea into reality. I also have a funny story from my arrival at OCTÉ Lift. During my integration, I did a two-week internship with an elevator manufacturer to learn about our products in a more operational way and I found myself installing competing products while I was supposed to learn OCTÉ products.


In the elevator sector, we mainly face two crucial challenges: the modernization of the existing aging fleet, while taking into account the ecological needs for our future, and the improvement of connectivity to offer elevator manufacturers and users a better level of service (availability of devices, etc.) while minimizing technician travel.

At OCTÉ Lift, we address these issues by prioritizing the modernization of existing devices with innovative solutions such as VERSO Connect, which allows effective remote management of the elevator fleet. This approach not only improves the service provided but also contributes to ecological management of resources. Personally, I am interested in the potential of IoT and emerging technologies that will transform our industry. By remaining attentive to the needs of the market and our customers, I am convinced that we can continue to innovate and offer solutions that meet not only the challenges of today but also of tomorrow.

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OCTÉ Lift satisfaction client

OCTÉ Lift makes it a point of honor to offer impeccable customer service, because excellence in customer service is at the heart of our mission. In addition to our salespeople in the field, we have a team of technical experts dedicated to surveys. We also offer after-sales service always ready to assist our customers and our E-shop site, rich in information.

Our goal is to support you as best as possible and make your experience with OCTÉ Lift as easy as possible, ensuring support and expertise at each stage. To take full advantage of the innovations and solutions we offer, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for you, ready to meet your needs with expertise and attention.

We thank Mathieu for sharing his valuable experiences and perspectives with us at OCTÉ Lift. Many thanks also to you, our readers, for your continued interest and support.

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