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The Europe Day, celebrated every year on the 9th of May, is a strong symbol of European unity and peace. This date commemorates the historic declaration by Robert Schuman in 1950, proposing the creation of a European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), precursor to the current European Union. This day not only marks the anniversary of this proposal but also the ongoing effort of Europe to maintain peace and foster close economic and political cooperation among European nations. Europe Day thus provides an opportunity to reflect on the achievements of the European Union, celebrate its expansion, and strengthen the sense of belonging to a united and diverse European community.

OCTÉ takes this opportunity to showcase its various entities established in Europe. As part of its strategic development, OCTÉ has chosen to invest in Europe. These international experiences have enabled us to understand the challenges of interculturalism and to develop new skills. Beyond nationalities, we share common values in a collective project.

Spain : OCTÉ Electric Spain is an expert in the manufacturing of electrical solutions and the assembly of electrical systems.

With over 100 years of experience in producing electrical harnesses and wiring, OCTÉ Electric Spain is the oldest entity within the OCTÉ group. Originally established as Jésus Romero in San Sebastian, OCTÉ Electric Spain became part of the OCTÉ group in 2012. Its expertise in industrial subcontracting allows OCTÉ to establish itself as a significant player in the equipment market for the elevator sector in Europe. OCTÉ Electric Spain’s unique approach is to integrate its production strategy with a societal initiative by establishing its production sites within correctional facilities.”

Czech Republic: : OCTÉ Electric Czech is an expert in the manufacturing of electrical solutions and the assembly of electrical systems.

Located in the northwest of the Czech Republic, OCTÉ Electric Czech is the latest entity to join the OCTÉ Group in 2020. Its 130 employees specialize in the manufacturing of cables and electrical components. This entity is ideally positioned to provide solutions to industrial companies in Central Europe.

France : OCTÉ Lift, a European partner providing tailor-made solutions and services dedicated to the elevator industry.

Founded in 1962, OCTÉ Lift is a key player in the French elevator market. OCTÉ Lift provides elevator companies with reliable and innovative solutions for complete and partial modernizations in existing buildings.

Technical support, quality of products offered, and fast delivery ensure the success of your projects for installation, modernization, or maintenance. A team of 50 employees contributes to the development of the business in France and Europe.

France : OCTÉ Industry, an expert in providing customized solutions and designing elevator-dedicated systems.

Founded over 40 years ago, MGMI joined the OCTÉ group in 2009 to become OCTÉ Industry. Today, with 33 employees and its 4500 m² workshop equipped with high-performance machinery and experienced teams, OCTÉ Industry is a manufacturing unit specializing in sheet metalwork, boilermaking, and welding.

OCTÉ is involved in Europe and confirms the possibility for a SME to successfully expand internationally while maintaining its values.

We remain at your disposal for any consultation or future collaboration, ready to put our expertise at your service.