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Since the start of 2022, the HR team has taken tangible steps to make our employee’s lives simpler at the same time as serving our commitment to environmental protection.

The Ticket Restaurant® Card solution was chosen to usher in a host of new benefits, including rounding payments to the nearest cent and payments on online delivery platforms. Coincidentally, this has removed the need to print some 17,000 meal tickets.Another significant move at OCTÉ in France is the switch to personal digital vaults eDocPerso to digitise payslips. This secure and confidential personal vault ensures that payslips are kept safe for a lifetime.Under this initiative, we are making our own impact in the green transition by reducing printing on paper (more than 1,000 payslips annually) as well as the use of consumables (ink, envelopes, etc.).Simple, effective and joined up actions such as these are totally in keeping with OCTÉ’s values.Thanks go out to our HR team for their efforts towards ISO 14001.