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OCTÉ has been pursuing a policy for several years to reduce the environmental impact of its waste production.

This policy is recognized in particular by the ISO 14001 certification of its French sites.

In order to go even further and identify new areas for improvement, OCTÉ has embarked on the Diag ECO Flux approach, in partnership with Bpifrance and ADEME.

Today, our “Waste” policy revolves around 3 axes, the 3 R:


2023-Journée mondiale recyclage OCTÉ-reduire Reduce: the production of waste related to our activities, products and services, by rationalizing our packaging and developing the eco-design of our products.
2023-Journée mondiale recyclage OCTÉ-reutiliser Reuse: some of our packaging waste (including paper and cardboard) as cushioning material for our shipments. But also by eliminating the personalization of our packaging in order to facilitate their reuse by our customers.
2023-Journée mondiale recyclage OCTÉ-recycler Recycle the waste we produce.
57% of the waste produced by OCTÉ lift and 91% of the waste produced at OCTÉ Industry was recycled in appropriate channels in 2022.

2023-Journée mondiale recyclage OCTÉ partenaires