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Every year, on January 28th, the world celebrates International Data Protection Day. It is an opportunity to raise awareness about issues related to the privacy of personal information and emphasize the importance of regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In this article, we will highlight our commitment to GDPR compliance, with a particular focus on data deletion at the subsidiary and business unit levels.

Unwavering Commitment to GDPR

As a company, we recognize the crucial importance of protecting the personal data of our users and clients. Our commitment to GDPR is not just a legal obligation but also an ethical responsibility to those who trust us. We have implemented strict policies and procedures to ensure full compliance with GDPR principles.

Data Deletion: A Rigorous and Transparent Process

One of the most crucial aspects of our GDPR compliance is the responsible management of data deletion. We understand that unnecessary data retention can pose potential risks to individuals’ privacy. Thus, we have implemented a rigorous and transparent data deletion process aligned with GDPR requirements.

Data Deletion by Subsidiary

Our subsidiaries, integrated into our organizational structure, play a crucial role in data management. Each follows strict data deletion protocols in line with GDPR directives. We have established a schedule and regular monitoring to ensure that each subsidiary adheres to the high standards we have set for data protection.

Data Deletion by Business Unit

Understanding the specificity of data based on different business units is crucial for effective management. We have implemented a tracking tool to oversee data deletion, ensuring a personalized approach while adhering to fundamental GDPR principles.

Transparency and Open Communication

We believe in transparent communication with our users and collaborators. We proactively inform them about our data deletion policy, how data is processed, and their rights under GDPR. Transparency is at the core of our commitment to data protection.

On this International Data Protection Day, let’s reaffirm our commitment to GDPR and the protection of personal information. Data deletion by subsidiary and business unit is a key element of our approach, and we will continue to innovate to ensure optimal data protection while adhering to the strictest privacy standards. Data protection is not confined to a single day but must be ingrained in our DNA, ensuring a safer and more privacy-respecting digital future.