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During the renewal of these goodies, OCTÉ was keen to select objects that were useful, environmentally friendly and responsible.

Indeed, even if according to a 2017 IFOP study, 82% of respondents say they appreciate receiving goodies from their business partners, 55% of them considered that the goodies received were not durable and of poor quality.

We have chosen to select suppliers and goodies that differentiate themselves by an eco-responsible approach:

  • Notepads made in Germany from recycled FSC paper (from sustainably managed forests),
  • Bic pens made in Portugal with 100%  biodegradable body and 100% recyclable clip,
  • Camera covers made in France from recyclable bio-based PLA bioplastic (from corn starch).

We look forward to offering them to you at our next meetings.

2023-OCTÉ_Goodies responsables