What are the evolutions of COPTER 3 compared to COPTER?
Our electronic design office has added an additional level of electronic security to the COPTER selection sensor. Thus COPTER 3 in association with our VERSO controller are of SIL3 level. This couple now allows us to offer endless electrical solutions in the duct or even to integrate the management of reduced clearances directly into our VERSO controller in accordance with Standard EN 81-21.
No more limit switches, isn’t that risky in terms of safety?
In the shaft, the perforated strip is fitted with screens indicating the various safety zones for technicians. OCTÉ’s know-how in the Pessral system, combined with the reliability of optronic technology, allow us today to guarantee COPTER 3 for 10 years. Finally, the certification and the various pilot projects have given full satisfaction.
Is the COPTER 3 difficult to adjust?
It’s the opposite ! Installers will save at least 2 hours during assembly and adjustments. Once the COPTER 3 and the perforated strip have been fixed, the adjustment of the screens is guided via the touch screen interface of the VERSO screen.

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Assemblage COPTER 3